Reputation Management Things To Remember

There's not really a business out there that doesn't have an occasional issue emerge with a client. In a perfect world, you would resolve things before it achieves a point where a client trusts they can just get fulfillment through an open discussion or feels they should warn individuals about your business. The web has made it so the boundaries between one client and another are far diminished — informal exchange would now be able to travel actually at the speed of light! In any case, on the off chance that you've arranged and anticipated how to deal with online feedback of your organization, the effect of maybe a couple protests can be greatly decreased, and you might be better ready to react viably and quickly to limit money related effect. Do you want to build a solid reputation? Continue reading!

Make A Presence On Any And All Relevant Web Platforms

Your organization should as of now have Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts, at least. In case you're in an exceedingly aggressive market and vertical, you should be dynamic on some extra online networking destinations, too — there are handfuls accessible, some of which might be specific to your industry.

For some B2B, cutting edge and additionally proficient sorts of organizations, having administrators and workers coordinate with LinkedIn might be important. For outwardly situated items, utilizing Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr might be required. Furthermore, most organizations will profit by some number of recordings shared through destinations, for example, YouTube and Vimeo.

Try not to Neglect Your Social Media Accounts

It's critical to work out your online networking accounts. Only having a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account/page for your business is inadequate — you have to build up your gathering of people on them, as well. With progressing improvement, you would build your online networking accounts so as to connect with clients and to expand your impact and engagement scores.

In the event that you don't do this, those records may not be sufficiently solid to outrank the postings in the event that somebody starts to post negative things. While we don't know accurately how Google and Bing may evaluate the quality of online networking accounts, you would use some free scoring utilities to survey whether you're accomplishing development.

Consider Your Brands And Products

You may need to work out online materials and social profiles for something other than your organization name. On the off chance that you have brand and item names other than your organization name, you likely should create substance to rank for those names too. You may need to create sites, pages, online networking profiles and security materials just to claim and save each brand name.

Protect Individuals Associated With The Business

Build up a solid online networking nearness for your authors', proprietors', or administrators' names, especially on the off chance that they are distinctive. As I portrayed above, keeping a low online profile to safeguard your protection just abandons you completely open for any drive-by defamers!

Tune in

When reacting to online objections or awful audits, truly consider that there might be a few shortcomings in your procedure that should looked at — especially in the event that you get negative criticism about a particular thing. Keep in mind the aphorism that "the client is always right"? Try not to be resolute; think of an inventive approach to give clients what they need without making friction.

Because you can pressure individuals into paying more doesn't imply that you should. Consider that you could be driving existing or potential clients into the arms of your rival. The additional cash you make on that irritating charge could be counterbalanced by business lost from the individuals who see various grievances about it on the web.


In the event that you or your organization fouls up, falls flat or generally accomplishes something incorrectly, claim up to it — and make an honest to goodness expression of apology to the individuals who have been influenced. Being genuine and straightforward in apologizing can go far toward diffusing a circumstance and moving the procedure along toward compromise or, at any rate, toward making an emergency circumstance come to a close.

On the off chance that you do it, ensure the expression of apology is genuine — don't do one of those, "I'm sad you enabled my activities to make you feel terrible" proclamations that are insincere babble. Additionally, attempt to offer some kind of compensation somehow, genuinely.

Make certain to survey and practically review whether you have done all that you ought to do in dealing with your online reputation. Local organizations are from multiple points of view a lot more powerless against online notoriety assaults. This is one area where a touch of proactive readiness will pay off over the long haul!

Reputation Management Tips

Create Your Online Presence

Be sure to subscribe to all social media Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. If you’re in a competitive market, be sure to find industry relevant areas to subscribe to such as niche forums, blogs, YouTube, and the list goes on. Reputation management is all about relevant content/ web properties.

Be Active On Your Social Media Accounts

It is not enough to just create your social media accounts. You must be active on them if not daily at least weekly. There are many tools out there that can help assist you with these tasks. They will automatically update your accounts and keep your posts relevant. One example of this is Instagress & These tools will help build followers and update content, comments, etc.

Protect Anybody Associated With Your Business

Create a strong presence for your founders, owners, executives, and partners names. Having no presence for these people is like having no credit it is viewed as a negative and leaves the door open for attacks that will be much harder to recover from at a later date.

Your Website Blog

Your blog section is one of the most important things you can do for your business online. All content and posts on this section can have a residual effect on everything else. These properties will be the catalyst for any efforts to correct or suppress negative content in the future. It will help with relevant consistent content that can be used in many ways in the future.

Do Not Argue With Customers Online

It’s is very important not to get into a tennis match with a customer online. This is assisting in the negative content for your company and keeping a detailed log you will no be able to undo in the future. It is always best to address the customers grievances and push the conversation into an offline forum such as a phone call. If you must respond online accept responsibility if you make a mistake and show that you are willing to address the customers needs and provide them a solution to their problem.

Invest In Your Online Reputation

Many times we have asked clients this question. If somebody came to your place of business and wrote in bright red paint “SCAM” or “This company doesn’t care about their clients” how quickly would you have somebody out there to remove it? In todays times it is more likely that the majority of your clients never see your office but almost all of them see your “online office.” Treat your online reputation with the same care as you do your place of business. If you do not invest in protecting your online reputation with proactive reputation management it will end up costing you much more in the long run.

Your Online Reputation Matters

Typically we focus on online reputation management for businesses or job hunters, but the fact is that ORM is important for everyone!

When Your Online Reputation Counts

There are certain times when your online reputation really matters, maintaining a positive online reputation should be a constant effort. A need for a good reputation could show up at anytime.

the moments when a good reputation is crucial:

  • Starting your own business
  • Searching for a job
  • Asking for a promotion/raise
  • Connecting with coworkers
  • Social Networking
  • Seeking Investors
  • Dating
  • Getting a loan
  • Buying a houseAttracting new clients
  • Friends and family
  • Applying for school

Life can change at a moments notice. Consider you get laid off of work? Are you confident that your next employer would like what they see about you on Google? Do you have all of the clients you’ll ever need to get you through to retirement? Did you know that over 90% of U.S. companies recruit and screen candidates online.? Many of these are big life moments you’ll see coming, but some of them may come as a suprise. Others, such as networking or attracting new clients, occur on a constant basis. This is why it is crucial that no matter where you are in life, you should make sure that your ORM reflects in a positive manner.

You will be Googled!

Even if you don’t have any life changes on the horizon, you should know that people are still Googling you anyway. It’s standard procedure to Google a friend, family member, or acquaitance out of curiosity. Are your results embarrassing, or encouraging?

Repfixers An Industry Leader In Online Reputation Management Services

In the context of today’s complex communication environments, the need for building, defending and maintaining an impeccable online reputation takes on added significance. With an ever growing 2 billion Internet users worldwide and two-thirds of the global online population already accessing member community sites, the Internet transforms into an excellent place to build and develop your personal brand or to market your business on a national or global scale. Traditional approaches to corporate reputation are no longer sufficient. With the growth of consumer-generated media, almost everybody is using the Internet to make purchasing decisions or to check out potential business partners, employers, venders, suppliers, merchants, brokers etc. Because positive experiences establish credibility, reliability and ultimately, influence your most valuable asset, your online reputation!

Repfixers is a provider of Online Reputation Management (ORM) services. Our dedicated team of Online Reputation Management experts will work round-the-clock to successfully build, defend, shape and maintain your online image. Using a proprietary process, we identify positive and negative content and optimize it appropriately to you and your company’s advantage. Repfixers is a global provider of ORM services with vast experience in both personal and corporate campaigns. Repfixers combines elements of PR with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and a variety of other strategies to help you ensure a positive message when people search for your name or company reputation online. A positive online reputation is standing for merit, achievement, and customer satisfaction, which are reflected in growth and profitability.

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Why Online Reputation Management Is Important For Your Business

Why reputation management is important for your business

It’s a foregone conclusion that businesses today need to have a strong online presence, but the truth is that you need more than just a presence: you need a positive presence that lets people know who you really are.

Studies show that more than 90% of all consumers now use the Internet to find and research products and companies, and of those searchers, 99% of them never get past the first page of results! This means that people shopping for services such as yours turn to the Internet to learn more and they typically will find – and believe – whatever they find on the first page of search results.

They may find good information about your company and positive reviews of your services – just what you would expect if you do your best to provide quality products and honest service. But what if they don’t? What if just one disgruntled employee or unhappy customer decides to ruin your online reputation and posts a lot of negative information about you? Whether it is true or not, people are going to believe it.

The fact is that whatever people find online controls the actions they will take when it comes to purchasing products and signing up for services.

You need to be sure that what they find about you says what you want it to say, which means you must not only have an Internet presence, you must also manage that presence. What does that mean? In a nutshell, managing your Internet presence means that you make sure that the image your business presents online is a positive one.

Reputation management is essential for ensuring that your business presents itself in the way that you want it to be presented. This isn’t done in a single moment or with just a few actions, but is actually an ongoing process that continually monitors your business’ online presence and makes sure that what customers see is positive. This is often a complicated process, as opinions posted online are not usually something that you can simply delete; reputation management requires constant updates and inputs from other sources to offset the negative impact of unfavorable comments and to make certain that such remarks are seen by few, if any, potential customers.

This ongoing effort to manage your business’ reputation means that your company will be seen favorably by those searching for the services or products that you sell. In turn, this makes new prospects more likely to contact your business and become customers. Without reputation management, these people might see only negative information about your company and decide to take their business elsewhere. This is the reason that good online reputation management is vitally important for any business.

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Reputation Is Everything!

People may find you because they want the product or service you are offering, but it is your reputation that’s going to determine whether or not they become your customers. These days, the first place people check for information about a company is online, normally by typing your name into a search engine. They’ll often click on the first thing they see in the search results, especially if it seems to be some type of review or feedback about you.

What if the first thing they see is something bad? Chances are they’ll move on to the next business that does what you do but seems to have a better reputation. The person that could have been your customer is now spending his money somewhere else. You’ll never know how many times a day this happens; in this economy, who can afford to lose any business at all?

Reputation is everything, and if yours is trashed – perhaps by a disgruntled ex-employee or an unreasonable customer, or maybe even the competition – you stand to lose a lot of money. You must not only BE trustworthy, it’s also important that people PERCEIVE you as being worthy of their trust. It’s no accident that giant companies such as eBay and Amazon allow customers to rank products and sellers – it lets new customers know who they can trust.

When you’re running your own business, you don’t have the benefit of a ranking system where customers can count how many stars you have or see how you rank when compared to others sellers; potential clients depend on feedback sites to tell them how good you are, or they look private reviews on other sites to see if they can trust you.

If the feedback is honest, it can help boost your reputation. If there are negative comments floating around, you need to shift them lower in the search engine rankings so that people aren’t so likely to see them. Knocking the negatives lower and allowing the positive feedback to rise to the top can be a big help to your company, since it boosts your overall reputation. This translates into dollars and helps to grow your business.

A good reputation management company knows to stay on top of the rankings for their clients at all times, so when negatives appear they can quickly be moved to where they aren’t going to do you any harm. This protects your reputation, and reputation is everything.

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Online Reputation Management

You’re honest, reliable, and you’ve always done a good job for all of your customers, so why on earth would you need reputation management? The fact is, even if you are all those things and more, not everybody feels compelled to be truthful about who you are and what you’ve done. Sneaky competitors may seek to undermine you, one disgruntled client can undertake a smear campaign just to make himself feel better, or you may even end up as the victim of mistaken identity and suffer the consequences of someone else’s bad actions.

Whatever the reason for bad press, your reputation is on the line, quite literally, and unless you keep on top of it, negative information can show up in people’s searches and make them doubt you. That’s where a good reputation management company comes in. These companies constantly scour the Internet, seeking out and removing incorrect and harmful information, so that your business won’t suffer because of someone else’s mistake.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that reputation management is only for businesses. Potential employers also use the Internet to check out prospective employees, to make sure they are hiring only the best. According to a study in 2010 by Microsoft, only 7 percent of people think that their online reputation makes a difference, yet approximately 70 percent of all companies in the United States have rejected people specifically because of poor online reputations. It does make a difference – sometimes it’s the difference between getting a great job or being unemployed.

It’s just about impossible for a person or a business to do a good job of reputation management without getting some outside help. A good rep company will stay on top of all of the search engines, making sure that anything related to you or your business gets found and analyzed, to see what’s there. Inaccurate information is removed, and any entries that make valid points can be addressed and resolved.

These days people use the Internet for pretty much everything, including deciding who to work with and who to avoid. Make sure that you and your company are viewed in the best possible light by using reputation management to continually seek out and remove negative information that could make you look bad. Let people see you for who you really are, and give them a reason to get to know you, so they can decide for themselves. After all, it’s your reputation that’s at stake.

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Repfixers Upgrades Client Dashboard

Our aim here at is to give our customers a unique and transparent campaign. Our focus is on results and customer experience. We understand that the bulk of our efforts need to be geared towards results for our clients. However we also realize that it is important for our customers to understand the services and level of effort we put into their campaign. We have completely revamped our customer dashboard to provide clients with detailed tracking, campaign status reports, and future opportunities to help facilitate the entire spectrum of their needs.

We will be making constant improvements and modifications over the next few months to our dashboard using client feedback. We believe this unique dashboard sets us apart from our competitors from a customer experience stand point. Our proven results for our customers keep us unrivaled in the industry to date.

It’s Easy To Remove Lies, Right?

Ahh, if only this were true. The only real truth about the Internet is that anybody can say just about anything they want and get away with it, and they can be almost impossible to stop. Unless you can prove deliberate wrongdoing and malice, chances are that nobody will do anything, even if someone is telling outright lies about you. It’s all in HOW they say it.

People who have been affected by online slander and lies can tell you from experience that the statistics for winning court battles over online defamation and libel are grim at best. In fact, according to various legal sources, most such cases don’t even make it to court, due to all of the variables involved. What this boils down to is that even if someone tells outright lies about you online, your chances of reaching any kind of a resolution through legal channels is very small.

Case Study in Trashing

Consider this case study of a real situation that’s causing any number of people untold amounts of grief. Some people move into an area – Let’s call them Family X — and don’t get along with the family that lives across the road – Family A — so they have some squabbles. This goes on for a bit, and somewhere along the line Family X decides to get nasty, or delusional, and begins to whine and complain that EVERYBODY is against them and have banded together to try to steal their land, led by Family A.

Family X decides to put up a website and defame anybody and everybody as being part of some plot to steal their land out from under them. They include the sheriff’s department, the county planning commission, the phone company, the power company, their Internet service provider, plus a bunch of their neighbors. They list all of these people by name, and include personal information about them on the website. They document real events with a paranoid twist that makes everyone seem guilty.

Since what they are posting as facts are essentially nothing more than conjecture, lies, and outright nutty claims, you might expect that these people could easily be stopped, but not so. Because they phrase things using the term “we believe . . . it’s collusion” (or illegal search or whatever), nobody will stop them. Their website hosting service says they have the right to post what they want and won’t take the site down without a court order.

So they are hurting people and committing libel, but in the state where they live this is hard to prove. They are simply “expressing an opinion.” So they have damaged the reputation of several local companies, the pharmacist in a nearby town, neighbors, and others, and as of this posting they continue to get away with it.

The Solution
It’s frustrating for the people named on this site to see the lies and accusations that get posted every day, but legally everyone’s hands are tied. This is one way that innocent reputations can get damaged, and such a situation can be hard to recover from, especially with such active and vicious posters as these.

The solution to a problem such as this is to engage a great online reputation management company and start moving this website down in the rankings until they effectively disappear. This can help to protect the reputation of innocent victims of Family X’s wild claims and keep them from building a big following. People are less likely to stumble over the kooky website and reputations are protected from further damage. It can happen to anyone – all it takes is a single unhappy customer or vindictive employee out to destroy someone. Don’t let it happen to you!

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That’s NOT Me!

Do you have a job? Car insurance? Homeowner’s insurance? You’d be surprised at all of the different people and companies that use the Internet to check up on you, with or without your permission. That might be okay, if the results that people see are fair and accurate representations of you, but there’s a lot that can go wrong with any online search.

One of the main problems many people encounter when their reputations are searched online is mistaken identity. Search engines look for results that appear to be linked to you, but it doesn’t always happen like that. Often the results that are returned are for someone with the same name, or even just the same last name. So anything that’s revealed, good or bad, may have nothing to do with you.

People using Google or one of the other search engines to find out about you are often not as careful as they might be. It can sometimes be tough for them to figure out that the information returned is about a different person. The searcher may not even bother to check, but you can be sure that he is going to believe whatever he reads about you – or the person who he thinks is you.

An online reputation management company can help to prevent this kind of mistake from happening to you by making sure the search results returned are reliable and valid. Be sure your online impression is a favorable one by using ORM to protect your good name.

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Why Do You Need To Protect Your Online Reputation?

Online reputation management, or ORM for short, is a way of controlling what the Internet has to say about you. More specifically, ORM allows you to remove false or misleading information and lets your clients and potential clients to see you in the best possible light. Managing your reputation doesn’t mean that you’re going to lie to people, but you are going to get rid of inaccuracies and information that may have been posted by a single angry customer or even one of your competitors.

Your reputation is important, and a good reputation is something that you can’t put a price tag on. People will look at your online reputation as a gauge of how good your business is, how well you do your job, how honest you are and even how friendly you are to your customers. Your excellent reputation can be the difference between grabbing new clients and having a phone that never rings.

In today’s world people can choose from dozens of competing businesses with the click of a mouse. The savvy customer does his homework and quickly weeds out and businesses or individuals that have bad online reputations. You may be among those tossed on the reject pile if you haven’t been in business very long and don’t have a lot of feedback yet, or if someone has posted anything bad about you, true or not. Customers will shy away from the unknown rather than take a chance on a company that has an uncertain online reputation.

Online reputation management can solve these problems for you. A good ORM company can make sure that when someone searches your company name they’ll see plenty of positive feedback. Nobody’s
perfect, so you may have a bit of negative feedback that pops up from time to time. ORM helps you to address and explain any issues, a much more realistic approach than dodging problems or pretending everybody always loves everything you do.

Give yourself the advantage you deserve with ORM. Don’t let false or misleading information drive clients away before they’ve even met you. Your reputation is the best thing you’ve got on your side; be sure to put your best foot forward by letting online reputation management work for you. A good reputation gives new clients the confidence to approach you and old clients a reason to stay.

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How Important Is Online Reputation Management?

In April of this year reached 50 million users with over 17 million reviews on their database. If you are a professional responsible for online reputation management it makes you wonder how many other means are there for your customers and critics to share their opinion about your company.

According to a recent info-graphic created by Digimind 47% of American companies’ net worth is tied up in intangible assets like brand equity and reputation. And in the 2013 forecast for number of small and medium sized businesses using online reputation platforms is over 4 million and growing.

You have to be able to take the high road with negative publicity. If you messed up, explain what happened and fix the problem. If someone is just being rude, acknowledge and thank them, then move on. The customer is not always right, but they are always respected.

If your approach to reputation management involves not talking about or planning for negative press then perhaps it’s time to rethink your strategy. Managing your personal or company reputation head on will show that you have listened and that most subjects are not off limits.

Counteracting negativity with negativity is a recipe for disaster. If you can, try to take a positive approach and do your best to present your case online if you deem necessary. If you believe that a formal response is in order, maintain a positive outlook and show that you are open to feedback and will address comments head on.

Learning from the mistakes we have made is key in improving a reputation management strategy. Perhaps you responded poorly to negative feedback. To avoid making the same mistake twice devise a plan for addressing issues and shedding a positive light on your organization.

It is impossible to censor every negative comment and piece of information you have online. Instead respond consistently and appropriately when you do find negative information.

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How To Remove An Online Complaint About Your Website

In this new age of an ever growing and booming internet, things change fast. People have started posting their complaints online on the Internet which are easily viewable for others and this could lead to loss of business. There are now hundreds of websites, blogs and forums where in users can easily publish complaints and talk negative about any brand or service for all to see. One of the main problems with these for businesses is that they cannot easily remove them. It is however very easy for a customer or competitor to post any negative content about a company or individual. The complaints not only come from actual customers with actual experiences, they can also come from competitors and false sources.

The following are a few tips on how to overcome this problem and some solutions available to protect and promote your valuable brand.

Like we mentioned above, the online environment is changing so fast it seems as though there are even major changes daily. Because of this, it is advisable to get an expert at an experienced Online Reputation Management company who is up to speed on all of the latest tricks of the trade and policies that are required to effectively keep up with the latest in the industry.

Once you have identified that there is a complaint, legitimate or not, you must react quickly. If this complaint is in your first couple pages of a Google or other search engine key word search of your company, the damage is already being done. You can be sure your current clients, current employees, investors, future prospects and prospective new hires and the general public are all free to view and reflect upon your dirty laundry. You can also be sure that your company is losing customers and of course revenue due to this negative content out in the online public. Therefore, fast action as well as effective action is immediately required to protect the brand and loss of revenue.

We highly recommend at this juncture and in this position that the company outsource as experienced of an expert in the Online Reputation Management field as they can find. The company must consult and retain this valuable resource for as long as it takes to suppress the negative content and as added protection from future attacks, replace the negative with positive content.

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Online Reputation Management For CEO’s

Online reputation management is what many CEO’s call crisis management. Today, reputation management services are becoming mainstream because of the progress online. Negative or embarrassing information posted on the Internet, whether truthful or false, can seriously damage a person’s future employment opportunities, cause stress in personal relationships or damage the reputation of a business or employer. Even the passage of time cannot always erase unfortunate information that exists online. Negative information released online about a person or business may be available for decades after it was originally posted online.

Employers now often research their top candidates to check out their reputation online. In such an extremely competitive job market, with many applicants applying for the same position, employers can easily afford to dismiss a candidate if they find something damaging in their online reputation.

Even if we remember to be careful about what we put on the Net, it is impossible to control what others might post on the Net. Reputation management also involves keeping track of and managing what others may post on the Internet about an individual or business entity. In addition, many public records and legal documents that may contain potentially negative or harmful information are posted automatically online.
Companies have to worry about their online reputation management just as much as individuals. Businesses of all sizes have to be dedicated to keeping up a positive Internet image. This not only means monitoring what is being said about and by the business, but also what is being posted online by and about the company’s employees and management, including how they express their personal beliefs and opinions online.

The actions of a company’s leadership or employees are often regarded as being directly connected to the overall image of the business itself. If a CEO or a ranking manager is viewed by the public or media in a detrimental light, this puts a shadow over the entire company. If employees or former employees are posting negative comments about the company online, this could damage their public image or cause problems with business partners.

The first step to take in online reputation management is to be aware that everything said about and by an individual or a business on the Internet is available to the public and always act with this in mind when posting information online. However, there are also ways in which information posted online by others or available in the press or public records can be managed as well.

Online reputation management can partially be handled with increased awareness and responsibility of the Internet user. This includes always keeping in mind that whatever is put on the Net could be discovered and used later in a negative way. Ensuring that privacy settings are kept updated and are used correctly is one important tool in maintaining a good online reputation. However, an individual or business may need to take a step further to protect themselves. This is where an online reputation management (ORM) expert may be brought in to establish and maintain a positive Internet image.

ORM experts use the same search engine optimization (SEO) skills that websites use to increase their rankings in search engines. Instead of trying to promote a specific website to the top of the search engines and news rankings, however, they have somewhat different goals. An ORM professional works to push positive website links and information about a person or company to the top of the rankings while pushing down or ‘burying’ negative links and information.

This is done by creating and promoting new, positive content to the top of the search engine rankings and sinking any negative results as low as possible. ORM may also include working on the total removal of negative content from search results, including legal action if necessary. Another vital aspect of ORM is the continued, positive flow of affirmative information about the person or company on social networking sites.

Proactive online reputation management can mean the difference between winning a great job or losing out on a great opportunity. Maintaining a strong reputation online could make the difference between the success or failure of a small business or even a large company. Whether it is an individual just seeking to keep their privacy intact or the CEO of a corporation wanting to protect the integrity of their brand, online reputation management should be considered a top priority.

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