Reputation Management Tips

Create Your Online Presence

Be sure to subscribe to all social media Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. If you’re in a competitive market, be sure to find industry relevant areas to subscribe to such as niche forums, blogs, YouTube, and the list goes on. Reputation management is all about relevant content/ web properties.

Be Active On Your Social Media Accounts

It is not enough to just create your social media accounts. You must be active on them if not daily at least weekly. There are many tools out there that can help assist you with these tasks. They will automatically update your accounts and keep your posts relevant. One example of this is Instagress & These tools will help build followers and update content, comments, etc.

Protect Anybody Associated With Your Business

Create a strong presence for your founders, owners, executives, and partners names. Having no presence for these people is like having no credit it is viewed as a negative and leaves the door open for attacks that will be much harder to recover from at a later date.

Your Website Blog

Your blog section is one of the most important things you can do for your business online. All content and posts on this section can have a residual effect on everything else. These properties will be the catalyst for any efforts to correct or suppress negative content in the future. It will help with relevant consistent content that can be used in many ways in the future.

Do Not Argue With Customers Online

It’s is very important not to get into a tennis match with a customer online. This is assisting in the negative content for your company and keeping a detailed log you will no be able to undo in the future. It is always best to address the customers grievances and push the conversation into an offline forum such as a phone call. If you must respond online accept responsibility if you make a mistake and show that you are willing to address the customers needs and provide them a solution to their problem.

Invest In Your Online Reputation

Many times we have asked clients this question. If somebody came to your place of business and wrote in bright red paint “SCAM” or “This company doesn’t care about their clients” how quickly would you have somebody out there to remove it? In todays times it is more likely that the majority of your clients never see your office but almost all of them see your “online office.” Treat your online reputation with the same care as you do your place of business. If you do not invest in protecting your online reputation with proactive reputation management it will end up costing you much more in the long run.