Online Reputation Management

You’re honest, reliable, and you’ve always done a good job for all of your customers, so why on earth would you need reputation management? The fact is, even if you are all those things and more, not everybody feels compelled to be truthful about who you are and what you’ve done. Sneaky competitors may seek to undermine you, one disgruntled client can undertake a smear campaign just to make himself feel better, or you may even end up as the victim of mistaken identity and suffer the consequences of someone else’s bad actions.

Whatever the reason for bad press, your reputation is on the line, quite literally, and unless you keep on top of it, negative information can show up in people’s searches and make them doubt you. That’s where a good reputation management company comes in. These companies constantly scour the Internet, seeking out and removing incorrect and harmful information, so that your business won’t suffer because of someone else’s mistake.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that reputation management is only for businesses. Potential employers also use the Internet to check out prospective employees, to make sure they are hiring only the best. According to a study in 2010 by Microsoft, only 7 percent of people think that their online reputation makes a difference, yet approximately 70 percent of all companies in the United States have rejected people specifically because of poor online reputations. It does make a difference – sometimes it’s the difference between getting a great job or being unemployed.

It’s just about impossible for a person or a business to do a good job of reputation management without getting some outside help. A good rep company will stay on top of all of the search engines, making sure that anything related to you or your business gets found and analyzed, to see what’s there. Inaccurate information is removed, and any entries that make valid points can be addressed and resolved.

These days people use the Internet for pretty much everything, including deciding who to work with and who to avoid. Make sure that you and your company are viewed in the best possible light by using reputation management to continually seek out and remove negative information that could make you look bad. Let people see you for who you really are, and give them a reason to get to know you, so they can decide for themselves. After all, it’s your reputation that’s at stake.

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